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We use PayPal, and certified donation sites such as Stream Labs for all the charities we support.

Contribute towards a chairty of your own choice!

Find the Top Charites by revenue via Forbes.

Hypersky is not a 501(c) or LLC


1st Show

Our first Festival, we featured music from MadCapAudio and tested out the systems inside Vehicle Simulator to gauge interest.

We gained the ability to upload any MP3 file we have the license to.


We can queue it into our dynamic show module, complete with lights and lasers.

We did our first social media campaign through these accounts.

2nd Show

Our second Festival, we featured music from MadCapAudio, TargetAustin, and Bslick and tested out out multiple stages.

We open our communications to Roblox Clothing Designers, and gather lots of interest.

We created forms to collect Music (.mp3), Artworks (.png)(.jpeg), Sculptures (.rblx).

We learn how to work with artists and can negotiate with any world currency.

We themed this Festival after Oceans, raising awareness for coral, and efforts to clean the ocean.

Sea Turtle
Dry Desert

3rd Show

We themed our third Full Moon Festival after the mythological story of the Phoenix.


We showcased geodesic sculptures.


We began constructing a new venue.

We tracked and optimized our prices to balance attendance with revenue.

We worked with two artists, one from Tucson, AZ and the other an international artist from the UK.

We told a story of two lovers with the two artists Music.

We can provide an impressive reach with the community, using our social media networks, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok.

4th Show

We themed our third Full Moon Festival after an electric eel.


Grand Opening to Club Volt, functioning teleport from Vehicle Simulator to Club Volt!

We consolidated previous shows into three separate stages playing at different times.

We expand to 6 time zones.

North America - PST/EST

South America- BRT

Europe - AST

Middle East - UAE

Asia - SG

Oceania - AUS

We raise awareness for clean water, and plastic water bottle alternatives.

We opened an arcade complete with Bowling and Laser Tag.

Water Sprinkler
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