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Vehicle Simulator

Enjoy your time in this giant world packed with high speed vehicles, planes, parachutes and jobs!

🏎️ Customize and race your friends.

🏆 Pull off amazing stunts and destroy objects. 🌏 Discover frontiers, this world is your world!

While playing the game we're show casing a vast field of gameplay types, from exploration, to achievement.

We offer tools and props to socialize, and prep race courses for intense competition. 

The city has many Autoshops for complete customization of your vehicles.


Vehicle Simulator is apart of the Hypersky metaverse and is connected to the Hyperlink, a high speed rail that frequents many games along the metaverse line.


This music venue is a place where we can host fully immersive music shows.

It acts as a stage for music to highlight and help bring awareness to causes such as the ones found in our previous shows. It is featured inside Vehicle Simulator and can be found nearby the beach.

Music Venue.PNG
Museum Workshop.PNG


This Space Museum is a fully equipped demo where it displays the basic visuals of our solar system.


A collection of arcade games that give players a vast variety of games to experience.

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