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Desert Rocks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Hypersky do with submitted models?
A: This is an experiment to gain grounding in a user to entity feedback loop.

Q: How does Hypersky assign ownership for submitted models?
A: It's complicated, in time we are determined to allow data to facilitate ownership.

Q: What is the goal for collecting mindmaps, dreamscapes, and custom models?
A: The goal is gather a great abundance of wisdom that can be applied to a grand framework to raise the quality of experiences.

NYC Skyline BW
Above the Clouds


Help us accelerate our dream, we're looking for teachers, orators, philosophers.

When you upload your content, it has the chance of landing in a reformed version of the official model.

Master Productivity

Immersive yourself in a world where you may accelerate your creativity, and imprint yourself on the variety of platforms available for viewing.


Challenge yourself to practices that further your ability to grasp concepts, information, and work with the neuroplasticity of your digital mind to optimize your efforts, and achieve greatness.

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